September 5, 2017

We’ve Lost The Meaning of “Labor” Day By Kelly J. Bullis

Ok!  My doctor says I gotta control my blood pressure better.  But when we get to certain holidays, the way the average mostly younger person just […]
September 5, 2017

Life Insurance By John R Bullis

Life insurance can be great to provide benefits to the family, charities or others.  The death benefit is generally tax free! It is best to work […]
August 8, 2017

Selling a Stock to Reduce Your Income Tax By John R. Bullis

No one I know makes 100 decisions and finds all 100 were right or good decisions.  We all make mistakes. If you purchased a stock say […]
July 11, 2017

Let’s Think About Funerals – By John R. Bullis

First a little background.  One of my grandfathers started a mortuary in Hardin, Montana just over a hundred years ago.  It is still run by family, […]
June 13, 2017

Organize Your 2017 Tax Files – By John R. Bullis

It is can be easy to accumulate and save information that will help when your tax return is prepared.  Here are some thoughts and suggestions that […]
May 9, 2017

IRS Failed Again, Relief Granted Innocent Spouse By John R. Bullis

Windy and Richard Harris filed their 2011 individual income tax return.  In 2012 they separated and then were divorced. The tax return reported her sole owner […]
March 7, 2017

If Divorced, Use Form 8332 for Dependents Exemption by John R. Bullis

When there is a divorce and there are minor children involved, the question of who gets to claim the exemption for the children needs to be […]
March 6, 2017

President Trump’s Tax Goals

One month into a new President.  He’s checking things off his list that he promised to do.  One yet to be done has to do with […]
October 5, 2016

Don’t Waste Your Gift Tax Exclusions By John R. Bullis

The Gift Tax rules are interesting and offer many possibilities for planning that will improve the quality of life for your family and friends. Basically you […]