It was September 1965, America was in the middle of Vietnam, “The Beatles” rode the top of the charts with their hit album “Rubber Soul” and… There was much excitement over Ed White becoming the 1st American to walk in space during the Gemini Missions in June. John Bullis decided to open his own Practice as a Certified Public Accountant. He opened his doors in a small office on West Telegraph Street near what is now “Mo & Sluggo’s” bar. Thus founding Bullis And Company.
yerington house

In the early 1970’s Bullis & Company moved into the famous Yerington Home on Division Street.

We soon out-grew the Yerington Home and began construction of our current location here at 206 S. Division St.

In December of 1979 we were finishing construction. Although the rest of the staff didn’t complete the move until January of 1980, John made sure to set up a small desk in the unfinished building and did some work so that he could start depreciating it! (Accountants…)

Over the years we have consulted hundreds of businesses, prepared thousands of tax returns and even trained much of our own competition (many accountants in the area once worked for John Bullis). We have also conducted many Forensic Investigations, leading to discovery of all sorts of fraud & embezzlement.


Kelly Bullis

Fast-Forward to 2009, the torch was passed€ to Kelly Bullis (John’€™s oldest son), while John continues to work as a valuable adviser to our Senior clients and also heading up our Forensic Investigation/Litigation Support projects.We have provided Arbitration & Mediation services, assisted in settling business related disputes and have worked to resolve audits and other matters by various government agencies.

Today, we carry a special expertise in Construction, Manufacturing & Non-Profit Accounting. Our number one focus is helping our clients remain proactive in managing their finances… going far beyond fill-in-the-blank tax preparation at the end of the year.

Our Clients feel that our 45+ years of expertise in Business Management, Financial Planning & Accounting is what makes our Firm an important part of our their success team.

Thank you for taking time to learn more about us, we look forward to getting to know you better.